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Photo by Daisy Sunshine

Protecting Precious Land

The two maps below illustrate how much forested land is being lost to development in the community of French Creek. Conserving these 23 acres of ecologically important land at the French Creek Estuary is now more important than ever. 

Creating an Eagle Preserve will protect this vital wildlife habitat beside the estuary in perpetuity. Let's work together to raise funds toward the purchase of the five acres to complete the Preserve.  

Estuary French Creek 1_edited.jpg

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Gift of Land

The proposed Eagle Preserve is outlined by a green line. Property owner, French Creek House Ltd., is poised to generously gift over 12 acres of their land for the Eagle Preserve. 

The green shaded area is the 5 acres of land the owner wishes to sell for the Eagle Preserve. When added to the existing Community Park this conserves 23 acres of rare, remaining wildlife habitat beside the estuary.

The significance of conserving and caring for this precious pocket is critical to Bald eagles and other wildlife.


New dev map website1.JPG

Water Supply Stress

The Ministry of Environment warns that with the relatively high population in French Creek, further development and the effects of climate change it is likely that low flow water conditions will worsen.

The Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) reports an urgent need to better manage groundwater in this area. Recent RDN data shows a greater rate of decline with 2020 groundwater levels below seasonal averages.

Protecting forested land beside waterways is vital to maintaining water supply for fish populations and other species including people.

The RDN reports concern about fish habitat due to excessive water extractions from the creek and aquifers. Yet development continues along its banks with over 34 acres recently logged upstream.

Courtesy of Elkay Developments Ltd.
Water stress map.png
French Creek wells.jpg

Land Sold Remains Undeveloped

Elkay Developments Ltd. purchased 2.47 acres of French Creek Estuary Land in March 2019 and submitted a Development Permit application. The RDN required Elkay to produce aquifer, ground and rainwater assessments and info re: form and character of buildings and landscaping which they haven't received.

The maps below show "Lot A" and an architectural depiction of the housing plan as provided by Elkay.


Elkay Developments Ltd. subdivision plan indicating the 2.47 acres purchased in 2019 and shown as "Lot A" on the diagram.

Architectural depiction of Elkay housing proposal plan for "Lot A."

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