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Photo by Save Estuary Land Society

About the Land

Sensitive Creek

In April 2022 - 23 acres of the estuary land was purchased by the BC Parks Foundation and leased to the Regional District of Nanaimo to be managed as a Nature Preserve. 


This leaves 2.47 acres remaining which were purchased In March 2019 by Elkay Developments Ltd., of Surrey. They submitted a development permit  however the RDN required the developer to produce aquifer, ground, and rain water assessments for environmental and neighbouring property protections. Also required were further details re: form and character of proposed buildings and landscaping. The development permit application has since been archived. 

Elkay Developments Ltd., listed 1.72 of the 2.47 acres for sale in May 2021. The property borders the French Creek Estuary Nature Preserve making its acquisition desirable to become part of the Preserve.

French Creek Estuary Nature Preserve.JPG

The French Creek Estuary Nature Preserve is shown in bright green. 

The 2.47 acres owned by the developer is indicated by the dark green treed area on the upper right of the map.


Acquiring this land and adding it to the Nature Preserve would increase the Preserve's size to almost 25.5 acres of protected land. 

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